Cookie Policy

Cookies are the answer to reduce delays and repeated insertion of data over and over again. When you visit a website and work through all of it without any hassle, it is because of the fact that your browser or hard drive stores small pieces of codes or rather text files which keep your preferences intact. This allows you to work without any disturbances.

Purpose of a Cookie Policy 

This policy will provide you an insight of our Cookie policy built our website. The efficiency of the services provided to the customers can easily be boosted with the help of cookie policies. In reference to the collection of your data, these cookies make you aware of the rights you hold. As you dig deeper, you will be able to grasp some basic concepts regarding its purposes and types.

Purpose of Cookies 

Cookies are used for many different reasons, each significant in its own way, but a few of them are listed below:

  • To keep the knowledge about the details regarding your familiarity with our website.
  • To keep a record of your visits to our website.
  • To keep a record of your regular browser searches.
  • To make sure that you only get to find the most relevant data.
  • To keep the record of all the users who have been consistently using it.

Types of Cookies:

Following are some of the types of Cookies we have embedded in our website for a better performance.


Upon logging into your twitter account or creating one through our website, your phone will instantly take hold of the twitter cookies so the data is not lost while you are still logged in. The data you provide is fire-walled and completely unavailable to us thus sustaining the security of your personal information. The features we embed in our website for better use of cookies are listed below:

  1. Twitter account login (when the user logs into his account)
  2. Twitter sharing (when user shares Twitter content)

Facebook and Facebook Pixel: 

The platform of Facebook allows us to interact with the users very easily. Only a few of the adverts are selected to cater the users on Facebook. Through these adverts, individuals that are efficient and consistent are targeted which eventually helps us in making a strong impact on third website parties through ad campaigns. The three key features of Facebook that make reading cookies way more efficient are:

  1. Like Button
  2. Share Button
  3. Social Graph (through this feature we can easily include certain Facebook contents to our website)

As far as the technology of Facebook Pixel is concerned, it allows us to improvise our marketing efforts in a unique fashion. In order to create maximum impact, the data is not revealed and rather kept obscured. The advertisements to be displayed are purely dependent upon the interest of the user but the bands of these advertisements are chosen by us.


Our website puts emphasis on the following features of YouTube in order to read cookies correctly:

  1. YouTube log in (the user can easily log into YouTube account and carry out tasks related to DEC)
  2. YouTube video player (this player enables the user to watch videos posted by YouTube accounts)


The following features of Google are integrated in our website for an efficient service. 

  1. Google log in (users can log into their accounts and make use of our website)
  2. Google +1 (through this button, it becomes easy for the users to tag items)

Google Analytics & Google Adwords: 

With the help of Google Analytics, the job of analyzing the traffic on our website becomes way easier. It provides us space for improving our website along with a ton of different cookies. While Google Adwords concludes the overall performance of the links we sponsor when they are viewed through Google search engine.


To keep the users engrossed, we have incorporated very well defined features that only show you relevant content. The content displayed on your Instagram feed is basically exhibited through pixels, storage use and local cookies. This method allows us to connect with our users on an upright ground leading to better services as well as products.

Social Networking: 

The social networking refers to the third-party websites that wish to run customized advertisements. With the aid of these cookies, we are able to culminate advertisements that are personalized and appear appealing to the audience. These cookies gather certain amount of data which is only available to them and not any other party like us, since we are the operators. On the other hand, if we wish to access your data, you will be informed and asked for your consent.

Cookie Policy Update: 

A good website never compromises on its efficiency which is exactly why we timely update our cookie policies. We advise you to keep checking these updates to stay on the same page. 

How to get rid of cookies: 

In common cases, the cookies are usually requested to be accepted or blocked. If you end up blocking them, certain sections of our website are taken off the grid for you permanently unless you turn them back on. But if you still do not find cookies effective and wish to turn them off for good manually, then you must go through a path. Search for Cookie Management in the settings of your browser, in case the option of cookies is enabled, then disable it by going to the Privacy section. Turn the cookies off and carry on without any hassle.


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