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Unlike traditional skincare spas and salons, Glow and Go Skin Bar offers evolutionary skincare treatments along with skincare education and guidance.

We aim to provide you with innovative skincare treatments that are custom designed to your specific skin type and concerns. Along with providing innovative skincare treatments, we also provide you with a friendly, engaging and comfortable environment where you can enjoy your time. Glow and Go Skin Bar is not just another skincare spa, it is a whole new concept which brings to your our state-of-the-art and well-researched skincare treatments and skincare all the way from the UK.

Our Aim

Our aim is to bring to you the most advanced and highly-effective range of skincare treatments and skincare developed after years of research. We also aim to offer you a comforting and interactive environment where you feel free to discuss your skin concerns and health while enjoying spending time with us.

Why Glow and GO Skin Bar?

At Glow and GO Skin Bar, we don’t offer skincare treatments and skincare products from other brands because we are not sure about their efficacy and results. We have developed our own skincare brand with the name of ‘Harley Street Formulations (HSF)’ which is backed by years of research and testing.

Harley Street Formulations

Our HSF brand is a result of the efforts of our competent and experienced team of cosmetic practitioners in the UK. We offer range of highly-effective, tried and tested cosmeceuticals for skincare and skincare treatments that provide real-time results, quickly and effectively. We have utilized the active potent skincare and rejuvenating ingredients in these cosmeceuticals including various antioxidants, peptides, retinoids and chemexfoliation.

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Medical-Grade Skincare Treatments

Glow and Go Skin Bar offers medical-grade skin rejuvenating treatments using the HSF and other advanced skincare techniques. Our experts apply knowledge and experience of the advanced clinical aesthetic concepts to skincare and treatments to give you flawless skin. We tailor a personalised treatment for each patient after examining skin concerns and type to provide the most suitable medical-grade skin treatments without downtime. These treatments give you rejuvenated, healthy, smooth and radiant skin in maximum 2 weeks.


Expert Team of Cosmetic Practitioners

At Glow and Go Skin Bar, the skincare treatments are performed by our team of qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioners unlike the other conventional salons and spas. Our experts are trained and well-versed with the use of HSF range. They perform a thorough analysis and examination of your skin to recommend the most suitable skincare treatment and products that effectively treats your skin concerns. They also provide you guidance and education regarding skin and skincare to help you follow a good skincare regime that gives visible results.


Highly-Effective and Gentle Skin Treatment

Whether your skin suffer from acne, or pigmentation or you have acne scars, dull and dry skin, through our signature HSF skincare and gentle skincare treatments, you can achieve fresh, clear and beautiful skin without pain and downtime.


Pamper Your Skin as Well as Yourself

We offer a relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment to the clients at Glow and Go Skin Bar. Our staff members welcome you with open arms and you feel like visiting an old friend when you visit the Glow and Go skin bar. You can openly discuss your skin health concerns with our specialists and get the best available skincare treatments in town with literally no downtime and almost immediate results.

Meet Our Skin Aesthetician

Dr. Afifa Amer

Afifa is a registered pharmacist. She completed her Doctor of pharmacy in 2016 from Akhtar Saeed medical college. Afifa has practiced as a hospital and retail pharmacist.

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Dr. Maliha Mughal

Maliha graduated from University of Lahore with a degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) in year 2017. She started her career as a Skin Aesthetician at Glow and Go.

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Client Stories

  • Today I have visited Glow and Go for peel to reveal treatment and they have guided me well. I am pretty satisfied with the consultation. I have taken the treatment and am hoping for the best results.

    Amna Awan
  • I heard about Glow and Go on social media/ instagram. I saw a profile and visited. Staff is nice, the premises are also nice. Staff guided me and treated me nicely. I like it.

  • I had a good experience in Glow and Go skin bar. Proper guidance was provided by the consultant. Kindly introduce more services and treatments considering different budget levels.


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