Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provides information on the manner in which we handle or use data we gather through access or use of our Website moreover Mobile friendly versions of this page, and software applications to which this policy can be related as (collectively, “Website”).

This privacy policy helps you understand the type of information that we gather if you access the site or use any of its services, how it can be used and release the data and how it can be monitored, changed and/or modified according to our user requirements.

We mean details that specifics you identify as an entity, such as the full name of the person, email, e-mail address, date of birth and telephone number, to explain the words we are using when we use the term “personal data ‘ in this Policy.

By using the term ‘ anonymous ‘ data/form in this policy we mean information not explicitly identifying a person, such as user’s areas of responsibility, web history, statistical or specific identifier (such as cookie or IP address). The information is not specifically identified for safety measures for the user.

You endorse the policies and practices listed in this document when visiting the Website or using the services. You consent to gather, use and reveal the data that you provide in the manner described in this rule, every time you visit the website or use the services.

What type of data do we gather?

  • We receive the data from you when logging on the site, order any service, joining a contest, answer a query or exchange e-mail, or engaging in one of the consumer feedback questionnaires for custom-made product references.
  • When you’re placing your order, they ask your name and company name, e-mail address, mailing address, billing, phone number or credit card/payment information and bank account details.
  • We use “cookies, like many websites, to improve the experience and capture user data and traffic to our websites. See the “Do we use’ cookies?” for details on cookies and why we use them in the following section.

How your data is been utilized?

We can use any information that we receive from you when you login, buy items, join a contest or promotion, address an inquiry or promotional contact, search the web or use any of our other system features in the ways given below:

  • To customize your site interface and help us to provide the types of content or services you most are interested in.
  • To enable us to provide good service in answering your requests for customer service.
  • To manage payments easily.
  • Manage a competition, advertisement, questionnaire or other function of the page.
  • We may send regular e-mails to you if you have chosen-in to receive our e-mail newsletter.
  • People registering and taking part in web activities like promotional services or’ Members-only’ content can choose if they wish to appear on our email list and get updates from us.

How can visitor info be protected?

To order to maintain the protection of your personal information we enforce a number of security procedures. Your personal information can only be obtained by a small number of persons having specific privileges of access to such programs and are required to maintain privacy of the details.All critical/credit information you supply is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software and then coded into our databases to be only obtained as mentioned here. We provide the use of a secure server when buying and viewing your personal information.

Are cookies been utilized?

You can refer to “Cookies Policies” in this regard.

Do we have the policy to reveal the information we gather to external parties?

‘” is not part of the word “external parties” It also does not include website hosting companies or other entities that will enable us to operate the site and represent our platform, running out business and aiding you with service. This can only be possible if the parties agree to keep such data private. We do not offer, exchange or pass your identifying information to third parties unless we send you a notification beforehand, as stated. Nevertheless, visitor data not personally identifiable may be given for advertising, promotional or other purposes to other parties.If we believe that your information is appropriate, adhere to the law, enforce policies on our sites, or defend our rights, property, or security or others, we may publish your info.

What is the procedure to edit or remove the information that you have already provided in the site?

First you need to sign in into “my account” section in the website, then you have the access to delete all of your online information from the database, and can even remove your billing and shipping addresses and also payment information.  Please keep in mind that we may preserve information about an online transaction of an individual for record keeping purposes.

Third-party associations

We include third-party connections on our website in an attempt to provide you with greater value. Such related pages were subject to distinct and independent terms of service.Moreover, we try to safeguard our website and gladly accept any feedback regarding these linked websites, even if a particular link does not work. But, the content and operations of these linked websites are not our responsibility or accountability.

Social tracking/re-targeting

In order to display ads on our website or to host our advertisement on other websites, we collaborate with an ad network of third parties. To order to collect data about your behaviors on this and other websites, our ad network partner uses cookies and internet beacons to provide you with targeted advertisements that is focused upon your preferences. You can contact us at if you would like not to have this data used for the purpose of serving you relevant advertising. You can get standard commercials but please be aware that this will not stop you from watching advertisements.

Modification in our policies

We may update the modifications on this site when we decide to change our privacy policy. The changes in policy will only be applied for information gathered after the transition date. That is to 30 January 2019, this rule was last revised.

Queries and comment

All your queries, remarks, criticism and concerns about privacy will be entertained at

Online Policy availableonly

  • On our site
  • in e-mail, text, and other electronic messages between you and our organization
  • by telephone: It does not apply to information gathered by:
  • Any third-party content that connects to or accesses the website this includes advertisements too.

Your acceptance is most important

You consent with our privacy policy through the use of our website.


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