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Glow and Go Skin bar - Skin Care Clinic Lahore is an evolutionary concept which was born in the UK and moved to Pakistan due to demand from our young Asian clientage (Pakistan & India) for effective treatments targeted to their skin type.

Our Background

Harley Street Formulations is the birthchild of our training & research wing at Harley Street Institute.We formulate designer cosmeceuticals with some of the highest possible % of active ingredients with the lowest number of ingredients possible.Our range consists of antioxidants, peptides, retinoids, and chemexfoliation products. Our aptly Peel To Reveal is a potent in-clinic treatment with a combination of exfoliants & antioxidants that resurface and brighten the skin resulting in smooth, clear even toned skin, making it the best facial in Lahore at medical strength.

For deeper skin concerns like acne scarring, deep melasma (hyperpigmentation) we combine treatments such as Microneedling, PRP and Peel To Reveal in our unique treatment protocols to treat and maintain with the right cosmeceuticals tailored to your skin.

Skin Bar Treatments at Lahore


Peel To

Peel to Reveal skin treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, revitalise and stimulate skin

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Skin Care That Works

  • Exfoliate

    α Hydroxy-Acids Gel

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  • Exfoliate Plus

    α Hydroxy-Acids Gel

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  • Revitalise C12

    Vitamin C Serum

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  • Revitalise C20

    Vitamin C Serum

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  • Cleanse

    α Hydroxy-Acid Foam Wash

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  • Stimulate MP

    Multi-Peptide Serum

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  • Stimulate RA

    Vitamin A Serum

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